What is a Micro Wedding and is it for you?

It’s a well-known fact that COVID-19 has changed everybody’s lives and the wedding industry. In the midst of this pandemic, planning a wedding may seem like a daunting, disappointing, and oftentimes an impossible task.

Post-Covid Wedding Venue limitations

With most venues limiting their hosting capacity and safety recommendations changing seemingly overnight, many couples’ plans have been needing to be rearranged two, three even four times.   But do not let this ruin your special day! Just because your day might be “small,” you can still celebrate big and still enjoy having those moments and memories captured!

A Micro Wedding, "minimony," or Elopement

Some people call it a micro wedding others call it a “minimony” or an elopement; we are still talking about the same thing; a smaller size wedding that gives the couple the feeling of a grand wedding but with less of the fuss. Usually, micro weddings host from none to up to 25 guests, including vendors.

Increasing Demand for Micro Weddings

Because of the increasing demand for micro weddings, some venues offer different rates for smaller weddings. This will depend on local gathering restrictions, the selected venue, the couple's budget but ultimately the couple's wishes.

The Benefits of a Micro Wedding

Micro weddings have certain benefits over regular, larger weddings. For one, the couple can save money and redirect their budget, and splurge on vendors such as a high-quality photographer and videographer.

No need to Sacrifice Your Wedding Experience to Please, a Larger Crowd

Because of budget limitations, many couples will have to sacrifice the quality of those vendors to meet the needs of a larger crowd. These types of weddings are perfect for couples who want to break tradition and do things differently; Smaller weddings naturally seem to encourage less traditional expectations since fewer family members/friends will be adding pressure to the design of the wedding; thus, couples can get more creative and fulfill their own wishes for their day.

More Options When It Comes to Venues and wedding ceremony location

For instance, picture a micro wedding that isn’t taking place in an actual wedding venue. Smaller weddings, such as micro weddings, will be easier to coordinate, easier to organize. Something as simple as a beach, lake, or even your favorite coffee shop can be the location for your micro wedding. With the reduced spending, you can even splurge and reserve private space in your favorite luxury restaurant.

For outdoor micro weddings, the bride and groom may wear something less formal but still, look beautiful and feel comfortable.

If Size Matters, It's really up to you

Ultimately, no matter how big or small your wedding will be up to you, but your priority should be to enjoy your day with your loved ones and allow yourself to enjoy the true meaning of the day, marrying your significant other who you’ve fallen completely in love with and beginning your marriage together.

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